How to build a geodesic dome greenhouse: under $100, easy & fast

  • What is geodesic dome greenhouse?

A geodesic greenhouse is a structure normally designed in the form of a dome and built from polygonal-shaped segments, which evenly distribute light to the plants residing inside. Many gardeners favor the geodesic greenhouse design for its aesthetic appeal, as well as its functionality. Like other types of regular greenhouses, the geodesic dome model creates a warmer atmosphere, in both the air and the soil that the plants occupy. The geodesic greenhouse design allows this to occur by trapping light energy and heat within the greenhouse, without allowing the outdoor cold to seep in.

  • Why I am reviewing the eden biodome revolution?

In investigation and research with snow cover variation in North America (since 2000 to 2011) in my Master’s degree thesis (The Earth and Atmospheric Sciences in The City University of City College of New York), I have to study atmospheric variations inside and outside greenhouse during winter season in North America. I learned about geodesic dome greenhouse and how to build a geodesic dome greenhouse too. During these studies I found the eden biodome revolution e-book is one of the easiest and complete manuals to build geodesic dome. This review of eden biodome greenhouse is for those who are looking for building a cheap geodesic dome.

  • Why need Geodesic greenhouse dome?

Almost every week we buy green foods from store. We don’t know what kind of pesticides were used to control pests and diseases during cultivation of those crops / fruits by commercial farmers, we don’t know how these were processed and preserved, we don’t know what kind of chemicals are taking place in our body cells secretly? Once which might show up with some kind of physical problems. So this is time to be conscious to save yourself from the silent killer and return to the land and regain a lost relationship with nature and mother earth.

Time has come to wake up and to grow your own foods in your own geodesic dome greenhouse year round (24x7x365). This is one kind of self satisfaction and heavenly pleasure to grow your own safe green foods for yourself or for your family. No matter where you are living in freezing Alaska, northern Canada or Russia, even where the atmospheric temperature goes below -30 degree C (-22 degree F). Learn how to build a geodesic dome greenhouse in your back yards or open space with proper step by step instructions using “eden biodome revolution” manual e-book.

  • What is inside the Eden biodome revolution?

The “Eden biodome revolution” e-book is written by Mr. Kacper Postawski, which is the ultimate output of his long time practices, trial and errors of building geodesic domes. Now a day “Eden biodome revolution” e-book is one of the most popular manual on building a cheap geodesic dome. This e-book is the perfect answer of “how to build geodesic dome”. The author provides  step by step instructions  with images, videos and links for measurements and calculations of different components and parts.

To make geodesic dome is not an easy task if you do not have any guide line. Because it is based on calculation and measurement.  Without appropriate measurements dome structure will not be strong enough and risk free from breaking down. So don’t take any risk to build geodesic dome greenhouse without any guide line. Mr. Kacper also talked about required instruments and materials and also their available stores in his e-book.

This step-by-step guide will walk you through the whole process for constructing the eden biodome greenhouse and the critical systems.  There are only a few steps involved here:

1. Designing the dome. (Pick the size and frequency)

2. Getting the amount of materials (2x4s) base dome your design

3. Manufacturing the Dome Struts

4. Choosing and Constructing the Foundation

5. Assembling the Dome

6. Putting in the essential biodome systems.

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Mr. Kacper also described about the building material, cover sheets, how to figure out your angles of polygon, cutting of struts, flat angles, arrow heads, compound connector angles etc and assembling of dome in the e-book.

According to preference of building dome, construction materials can be vary. Dome can be build with metal, PVC, pipe, wood or bamboo. But it is need to know about PVC that it has short ultra violet (UV) life, so that pipe need to painted or cover with rust-o-leum to protect it from becoming brittle. You can build various models of dome like 2V, 3V, 4V and so on according to his guideline.  The spherical building is based on the biodome concept, patented by R. Buckminster Fuller.

Depending upon the materials used, the biodome can range from a moderate cost to an expensive one. When building a geodesic dome, many people opt for a tetrahedron design. This standard outline consists of triangular pieces that not only provide light, but a strong framework for the dome. The flooring of a geodesic greenhouse is often made from treated wood or gravel. Plain dirt is another popular flooring material. Mr. Kacper also talked about how to setup critical systems like water tank, vents, solar ventilation fan etc.

Surely, after the dome is build, your next step would be to start growing your green foods in there, putting in Bio dynamic gardening and all of the great goodies.

  • What are the merits of the Eden biodome revolution?

Advantages of a eden biodome dome greenhouse are similar to regular greenhouses. People who live in areas with brief growing seasons can extend the lives of their plants. This can mean the difference between being able to grow enough food to feed one’s family or not. Unlike other types of greenhouses, a geodesic dome model according to Mr. Kacper, can be more economical and  requires less building materials. His Magic 3 steps system to build your biodesic dome is extremely quick.

Other advantages are, 60 days full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the Eden biodome revolution manual, Life time customer’s services.

One disadvantage is limited time discount price ($49.97).

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